My Deconversion Story

It all started a few years ago in the fall.  I was a devout Christian.  I believed and loved Jesus.  I worked in a baptist church for 5 years.

Then something weird happened.  Apparently, someone heard a rumor that I was gay.  The preacher and the deacons cornered me after services one day and asked.  I was basically told, that if it was true, I could not serve god.  I couldn’t work in or attend the church.

This really shook me.  Something as simple as that would cause god not to love me….even though I loved him unconditionally?

Needless to say, I got angry.  I rejected my faith and decided I was going to become a Wiccan.  Surely there was a god out there that was worthy of my love.  But alas, nothing.  I found no satisfaction in my “god/goddess” of choice.

Then I started researching even more and found how wrong the bible was.  It was an evil book consisting of so much inconsistency, horrible laws, and brutality, that even if god were real, I don’t know that I could follow him.

Being from the south, I can almost guarantee that 90% of christians I know haven’t read the bible.  They only do/know what their told.

Either way, I have made my choice.  There is no god.  It is a made up story by bronze age savages to explain the world around them.  It’s time is up and the people who are aware of it are growing.  To all the christians who may or may not read this, take an honest look at your book, your savior, and your god.  Is he really someone you’d want to worship?  A god who advocates slavery, rape, murder, genocide, and unconditional obedience?

Just think about it.  READ the bible.


2 Responses to “My Deconversion Story”

  1. You can use the pentagram i made it from a program in my computor photosuite(2).

  2. Oh then thats my fault, this was a mistunderstanding then

    I have a acount on satanspace.

    I have had ppl copyright my work from before and i heard someone was using my background on ning. so you have a mysatan acount? i use to be a member myselfe until i got banned

    i didnt fit in that community . well you come and go their are some pathedic christains and some pathedic satanists well some of us like to call posers. but a asshole will be another asshole .

    their are mean ppl in many different forms . religion or no religion . in life you will get bullied by this fucked society

    but your different and thats not a sin .not a regret ..ppl hate what they cant understand… i did get banned for a reason though i tried to be liked ppl called me a attention whore , a queer insult but i was acting like a douchbag. thats what hurt , anger and confusion dose to a kid .

    but one artist i look up to said i would rather have people hate me for what i am than love me for what im not.

    i can see your just making a blog , your not taking credit on it .

    I read your blog and found it inspirational ..i went threw the same hell myselfe … sorry for being a ass .

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