Plan of Salvation

This plan of salvation that christians so often describe as I understand it (and actually practiced) goes something like this A) accept you’re a sinner, B) believe that jesus is the son of god and died for our sins, and C) confess that jesus is lord.

Now, when I get to discuss this topic with a christian I always ask if they believe their god is all-knowing, all-powerful, and unchanging.  Their answer is almost always, “Yes” without fail.  I can tell you as a former christian, that even if you have your doubts, you are “required” to answer yes or feel the wrath of guilt from the christians.

My next “get-cha” is when I ask them, then why didn’t god create a perfect plan of salvation from the beginning?  Why make all those people kill innocent animals to pay for their sins when god could have created an escape path from hell by sending jesus.  I don’t understand why an all powerful god wouldn’t have built a better system.

I always ask them the BEST system of salvation that your all-knowing and all-powerful god could come up with is to send his only son to earth to suffer and die for all sin.  That was his best option?  How about just to get rid of sin all together?  He is all-powerful right?

A christian will tell you, as I would have told you at one time, that sin and god can’t exist together.  Why not?  If he hates it so much, get rid of it.  Just wipe it away and you won’t ever have to be around sin ever again.  It just doesn’t make sense that an all-powerful god would allow his “kryptonite” to exist.

I just don’t believe the best possible answer to the salvation is to send your only son to a poor family, have him live in obscurity, have him perform a few ‘miracles’ for a select few, have no eye-witness accounts of said ‘miracles’, have him beaten and killed, and then raise him from the dead like a zombie in a B movie.  This can not be the plan of an all-powerful and all-knowing god.

Just think about it.  Read, Research, and Rethink.


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