Good bye DADT

I hope you rest in peace with the slavery laws, the Jim Crow laws, the prohibition laws, and the laws against women’s right to vote and own property.  All of these were signs of progress and I believe that DADT is also another milestone on the road to further progress and enlightenment.

I can only hope next will be to make marriage in all 50 states legal and recognized.  Being from a southern “bible belt” state, can be completely overwhelming and as of right now, I believe I’ve made the decision to move to a state where gay marriage is legal and my partner and I (of 19 years) can not only get married but adopt as well.

On a completely sad and pathetic note, if you haven’t checked out the comments section of the DADT story at fox news it is worth it.

Here are some of the funnier/sad/pathetic/homophobic/ignorant (the list could go on forever) things that our CHRISTIAN friends are saying.  Doesn’t sound too christ-like to me…

I am so disgusted with this. There goes our army. Our army stands for descency and the American way and today it was stepped on, raped, spit on by Obama and his democrats. The Lame Duck Congress should be eliminated after an election. I hope Republicans once get a hold in office, bring back Dont Ask Dont Tell.


Homosexauality is an immoral disgusting sin. All gays desreve AIDS.


The typical democratic lawmaker of today is a man wholly devoid of principle, a mere counter in a grotesque and knavish game. After approving of having homosexuals openly serve in the military…what’s next…some slight pressure could be applied to him he would be cheerfully in favor of cannibalism.

I believe the destruction of America was well underway before our military was turned into a bed of perversion and depravity.


And that is a SMALL taste of what is there!  Check it out…


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