I really am sorry that I haven’t been writing more often.  One of my New Year Resolutions is to become a writer that writes on a regular basis.  To this end, I resolve to make a post EVERY WEDNESDAY.  I have really been wanting to become a regular poster, but my time has been so limited.  Unfortunately it is still limited.  I’m teaching several classes online and face-to-face.

This semester I made a detailed scheduled and Wednesdays are my “blogging” nights.

On that end, let me finish this post by talking about my interesting situation.  Most people that are atheists (like me) and who are gay (like me) take the default position of “Democrat.”  I do not.  Neither party has done enough in my opinion to earn my full support.  On the side of the Republicans, they understand personal responsibility, economics, and personal property.  I can never get my liberal friends to understand the simple concept that MY MONEY is MY MONEY.  I don’t OWE the federal government A SINGLE DIME.  Increased taxes….yes, even on the rich, in not fair, moral, or in any way ok.  Any other normal person must live on the money they take in.  So should the government that represents us.  This is the positives for the Republicans.

The Democrats understand that my lifestyle is entirely my business.  I’ve never understood why Republicans are so anti-gay marriage.  What is the big deal really?  In the words of Bill Maher, “what, so now they can have BBQs and argue over money.”  Republicans just don’t get it and I am worried they never will.

Against them both, neither embraces Atheism.  Now, I know some of my atheist friends will take exception to the fact that NEITHER party represents Atheists.  They are set to the default position that Democrats are for everyone and of course….they are not.  How many times have you heard Democrats and Republicans BOTH praise god for their accomplishments or please that they are “church going christians.”  Yes, even the Democrats don’t have the Atheist’s back regardless of what you may perceive as a large tent.  We atheists fall outside that tent.

As an atheist, I have to vote for the candidate that represents the better PERSON for the job rather than the party.  I know Republicans who will never vote for a Democrat and Democrats who will never vote for a Republican.  In actuality NEITHER party is any better than any other.

So who gets the votes?  The Republican, who shares my point of view on national security, economics, and personal responsibility or the Democrat who (kinda) understands the fact that equality means for everyone.  How about we vote for the person who is honest and tells the truth.  How about we vote for a candidate that keeps his/her campaign promises?

Finally, do I agree 100% with either party?  No.  Do I think one party is better for me than another?  I honestly have to say yes.

The moral – vote.  Vote in every election no matter how small.


2 Responses to “Changes….”

  1. I remember author Michael Parenti’s words to the effect that America needs a political system that looks not at just both sides of the issue, butat all sides. Why on earth would you think that the Dems or the Rebubs or your only alternatives? There other are political organizations and parties.

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