Most “Tolerant” State

The Daily Beast ( recently put together an interesting list.  According to their site

The Daily Beast sought to examine which states are the most tolerant, devising a thorough point system that measures each state’s residents based on their actions and opinions, as well the scope of state laws guaranteeing equal rights and protections, which reflects the broader political will.

I found the list very interesting to say the least.  Surprising was the fact that Mississippi WASN’T LAST!  Mississippi is often sited as the most obese state as well as the most religious state so when I started looking over the list, I immediately assumed Mississippi would be on the bottom of the list.  BUT IT WASN’T MISSISSIPPI!  Apparently, according to the site, they rank Wyoming the least tolerant state.

They base these scores on a number of factors including:

  • Hate crime
  • Discrimination
  • Gay Rights
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Hate Crime incidents
  • Discrimination cases
  • Same-sex marriage support
  • Is there one way to heaven

Even based on these criteria, I STILL suspected Mississippi would be last.  But rather than being 50, Mississippi is 38th!!!!

Now, I still find it hard to believe so I started looking into the numbers.  Get this:

  • Gay rights 1 out of 10!!!
  • Religious Tolerance 4 out of 10!!!
  • Support of same sex marriage 27%!!!

These 3 alone are really, really disturbing to me.  As a gay man, I pay taxes just like everyone else, but yet, 1 out of 10 for gay rights?!

This is one of the reasons I will be moving out of Mississippi this summer.  I’d like to move to either Maryland (#2 on the list!!!) or Washington, DC.  I’m tired of paying my taxes to a state that doesn’t appreciate what I give to the state as an educator.  I’m done with Mississippi.

What is more sickening to me is the fact that only one other state is lower than Mississippi in percent of the population who believes gay marriage.  In Utah (44th) only 22% believe in gay marriage.  How sad is that fact?  But with the amount of money they put in California regarding Prop8 it shouldn’t be surprised.

It is an interesting list and I encourage you check it out!  Thanks again.

“Washington DC Bound”



One Response to “Most “Tolerant” State”

  1. A couple in the top ten still have a high incidence of hate crimes. I suggest you move to Canada, we’re much more tolerant.

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